Appwrite: set up email sending under 10 minutes

Appwrite: set up email sending under 10 minutes

A quick guide how to set up mail setting under 10 minutes

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Every app needs email sending capabilites weather it's for password reset or invitations or whatever - appwrite has everything prepared for it, we just need to use the given options.

Because SMTP servers are hard to setup and maintain, we'll use a third party API to provide our SMTP needs.

Mailgun side settings

Since mailgun is super easy to setup and use, we'll use it as our SMTP provider.

After a successful registration:

  1. Navigato to sending -> overview
  2. Select SMTP
  3. Those are the credits that are needed for us in the later setup



I already reset this password, so no worries about that 😊

Appwrite setting

After grabbing our settings we need to setup for appwrite:

  1. Navigate to your installation forlder for me it's in ~/appwrite
  2. Start to edit your .env in the folder
  3. After you've edited the file restart the appwrite compose


Optionally you can also edit: _APP_SYSTEM_EMAIL_ADDRESS - this is the sender's email, for this short example I left as is.

E.g.: env (1).png

To restart appwrite you first need to stop the containers:

$ docker-compose stop

Then after the containers are stopped - restart it:

$ docker-compose up -d

These commands should be executed from your appwrite installation folder, for me: ~/appwrite.

Aaand that's it, you've successfully setup email sending for your appwrite. To try out go to your console, select a project, settings and invite a new member for it. After you've sent the email mailgun should show something like this:


Closing thoughts

You can also read the full instructions about email sending in appwrite docs.

I hope you've found this quick article about email setup useful. 😊

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